V1.13 after upgrade does not block sites



  • SVN Support Team

    Hi Ahmed,

    We couldn't reproduce the issue. sex.com is categorized as Pornography.

    Could you check if the Pornography web category is blocked on your policy, please?

    If so, you may share the screenshot of the reports related to the connection and send a bug report to the Zenarmor team.


    Best regards

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  • No Name

    Same here, all the blocking functions are not working. Already send bug report. I suspected the problems should be related to network interface and packet engine. I have done a little test that creating a test VM with the virtual interface under proxmox, all the blocking features are functioning.

    My production environment used intel i226 network interfaces.

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  • Ahmed Kadry

    They replied to my bug report with a patch file, but unfortunately I could not down load it , still waiting for their reply how can I download the patch

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  • No Name

    Just download the patch and apply, seems that the problem should be fixed. However, enable one of the following features, the blocking function is gone again.

    Under essential security policy,

    bad ip
    non-existent domains
    hacking sites
    potentially dangerous
    undecided not safe


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