What is meant by "Filtering Policies"?


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  • SVN Support Team

    Hi Dark Corner,

    3 filtering policies means you can define 3 separate policies (1 Default + 2 additional policies).

    In each policy, you can enable

    - as many security rules as you need.

    - as many applications or application categories as you need.

    - one of the predefined web profiles or create a custom web profile by selecting as many web categories as you need.

    - as many exclusions as you need

    Default policy is the fallback policy assigned to your connections if no other policy matches. The “Default” policy configuration is static, and you can configure a limited set of parameters depending on your subscription.

    Other policies can be configured using various criteria, like users/groups, IP, VLANs, and MAC addresses. As of Zenarmor 1.16, device identification and device access control features will be available. And you can add policies using devices and device categories.

    We hope this will be helpful. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

    Best Regards


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